The current cost of re-voicing is $1200 plus shipping both ways.  I now spend well over 60 hours on each one over a period of 4-5 weeks.  I do all the work through the sound hole, and make a protective cover for the top when working on the bridge. 

I make every effort not to cause any damage, but have put tiny dings in the finish of two guitars long ago, and cannot guarantee I won’t again.  But I’m getting better all the time...

It is very careful, precise work with small planes and sanding blocks, and involves many re-stringings to achieve the ideal balance.  I ask that a fairly new set of strings is on the guitar and that two extra sets of the same brand and gauge are included in the case.  I return any unused strings.

I can revoice some guitars to be balanced with medium gauge strings, but some, such as the HD Martin series are only suitable with light gauge.  It is likely your guitar will be as loud or louder with lights than it currently is if you use mediums, and will have a richer, deeper tone.  Oh, and did I mention feeling alive in your hands and against your body?  Very much so.

To schedule a time slot, please call or email.  I require a non-refundable deposit of $250 at that time.  I also welcome questions you may have regarding your guitar and what you might expect.